Ecological Services

In recent years we have developed a range of Ecological Services to landscape and conservation managers for environmentally sensitive sites.We can undertake the provision of slow worm fencing during a clearance phase of development, to the construction of hibernacula to replace sites lost through development and the creation of basking and foraging areas.Our skilled staff are experienced in the restoration and/or creation of grassland and wildflower areas, ponds, lakes and dykes to enhance the habitat of an area suitable for wildlife.

We provide on-site practical support services for professional ecologists, our qualified staff assist with conducting species surveys, supervised destructive searches, habitat management.

Additionally, we construct specialist hibernacula, and reptile barriers, manage woodlands for amenity and offer a skilled and responsible approach to tree management.

Accreditations and Memberships: Coblands Landscapes are founder members of British association of Landscape Industries (BALI) we hold numerous awards from BALI Annual National Landscape Awards. We are also SSIP accredited and are members of the Landscape Training Group.

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